Here comes the third book in Deke Leonard’s autobiographical trilogy after Maybe I Should’ve Stayed In Bed and Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics.

It picks up his epic journey in 1977 as he fights to resurrect his solo career, chronicles Man’s re-formation in 1983 and follows their battle to reclaim their status as one of the world’s leading acid-rock bands up until his departure.

Highlights include Deke giving guitar lessons to Ten Years After’s Alvin Lee, crossing swords with Wishbone Ash and lecturing the Animals’ Eric Burdon on stagecraft – tales told with his inimitable style and customary dry wit. Smokey Robinson, Ian Dury, Phil Lynott, Walter Egan and Tina Turner are among the other characters in a fascinating and often rib-tickling story.

His previous autobiographical books have each reprinted at least twice. Rhinos has become a cult classic, while 2012’s The Twang Dynasty – Deke’s insightful analysis of the most influential guitarists in popular music – was acclaimed by Classic Rock as ‘the most illuminating, idiosyncratic, illuminating and entertaining book on the subject available anywhere’ and was Guitar & Bass’s Book of the Month.

'I’m very much looking forward to the latest Deke book!’
Pete ‘Rock Family Trees’ Frame

The Twang Dynasty (2012)

The Twang Dynasty majors on the guitarists – ‘From Merthyr to Memphis’, as the subtitle says – that influenced him. Some – Hendrix, Clapton and Rory Gallagher to name but three – he met, others he played with, still more were only names on record labels. Deke brings the history of rock ‘n’ roll guitar playing to life like no one else can.

"passionate, entertaining, perceptive, knowledgeable, irreverent, quirky – a natural born writer in the way that he was a natural born guitarist" Pete Frame

"I wish I played guitar as well as Deke Leonard writes books" Charles Shaar Murray



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Maybe I Should've Stayed In Bed (2000)

The Flip Side Of The Rock’n’Roll Dream


Maybe I Should’ve Stayed In Bed? charts Deke’s early years prior to joining Man in 1968. Initially a reluctant performer, encounters with Gene Vincent and Johnny Kidd awoke his ambitions to become a rock’n’roll star, though an early band was banned from Welsh venues for being ‘too sexy’.


The rock’n’roll dream seemed there for the taking, so they broke up, scattering to the four corners of Swansea before re-grouping more successfully as Man.


Written with a humour rarely seen in rock biographies, it is a fascinating social commentary on Wales in the 1960s.

Rhinos, Winos and Lunatics (1996)

The Legend of Man a rock’n’roll band


Reprinted in limited numbers for the second time, Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics has gained a reputation as one of the legendary on the road rock’n’roll travelogues. It tells the story of eight years in the life of a rock band – Man, Wales’ most durable musical exports.


Deke writes with wit, verve and panache of the 1968-76 period, the post-’Sgt Pepper’ years when rock music expanded its frontiers as never before. The result is a book that tells the story of an era, not just a band.


‘Deke Leonard’s ‘Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics’ is wonderful. The definitive insider’s account, its also written delightfully, with a stoned cynical lyricism that makes turning the page an absolute pleasure. Top Stuff’. Making Music

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We apologise but this reprint has now SOLD OUT.

We apologise but this reprint has now SOLD OUT.

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